Funeral Cost

Each funeral is different and there are many variables in the eventual cost. The main components in the cost of a funeral are:

  • Type of coffin or caskets.
  • Funeral director professional fees
  • Burial or Cremation fees
  • Mortuary fees
  • Flowers
  • Newspaper Notices
  • Medical fees for doctor, cremation certificates, death certificates
  • Catering

Orange Funerals have our own mortuary on site, 1 Cameron Place, Orange. If someone passes away within approx. 60kms radius of Orange, we will transport the deceased in our own mortuary ambulance and using our own staff (approx. cost $450). If the place of death is outside 100kms radius of Orange, we generally use a third party to transfer from all parts of NSW as well as interstate (priced at time of enquiry).

In relation to Cremation, we usually use the closest to where the funeral in conducted. Majority take place at the Canobolas Gardens Crematorium, Lone Pine Ave, Orange NSW (next door to our building) – The Crematorium is leased and run by Matthew Lobsey. If the family have a preference or are having a service in another town – for example Bathurst – we are more than happy to accommodate them.

If you would like to discuss costs – please contact the office on 0263 60 1199 – we are more than happy to sit down face to face and go through all costs to give you an idea on a total price. In general terms the average cremation with a full service is approx. $8,200, whilst a cremation no service, no attendance would be approx. $4,500. The average cost in Orange for a burial with a full service is approx. $11,000, whilst a burial no service, no attendance would be approx. $6,900.

Breakdown of some of the good & services provided

Burial & Cremation: Orange City Council plots at the Cemetery are currently $3,200 (including grave digging and perpetual maintenance). Cabonne Council Plots are $1049.30 not including grave digging but breaks down to $661.60 reservation fee, $133.70 Perpetual Maintenance Fee, $254.00 Burial Licence Fee. . Grave digging for a single depth grave varies on town – but some of the cemeteries in the local area for example: Molong $1,500, Cargo $1,300, Manildra $1400. The cost of the actual cremation itself ranges from $880 – $1000 (Orange only), depending on chapel use and family attendance.

Coffin & Casket Pricing: has a huge range from $350 for a contract mdf (used for no service, no attendance) to the most popularly used Blaxland flat lid coffins at $1,490 right through to $2,000 plus. Caskets again have a very wide range, but average from $4,000 to $8,000 for solid timber.

Certificates: We lodge an application for a death certificate with Births, Deaths and Marriage. This usually takes a few weeks after the funeral to come back at a cost of $100. To be cremated there are 2 payments to be made – $110 for the cremation certificate and $110 for the Medical Referee Cremation Permit.

Care & Preparation: using our own mortuary facilities and staff to care for your loved one – that includes preparation for burial or cremation, time to say goodbye, or just have them dressed in their final outfit. The Cost to keep your loved one in our care is $200. If you want to arrange a viewing, which is done here at our facility the cost is $250 which includes preparation with clothing you supply. There is no separate charge or cost involved with regard to a refrigeration plate.

Flowers: we have all great florists in Orange, we can use any of them or you can do your own. Flowers can range from $5 for a single rose to $250-$350 for a normal size casket cover up to any amount you’d like to spend.

The Service fee we charge with regard to a full funeral service is $3470 – this is what we charge to arrange and conduct the funeral service in full. This charge covers our wages, rent, electricity, insurance, workers compensation, tax payable, advertising, phones, water and land rates, registrations, vehicle and building maintenance, superannuation etc.

The easiest way to know how much a funeral will cost – is contact our office, we can work out exactly what you’d like and provide a quote.

All of our fees are clearly detailed and documented and are discussed and agreed upon with you during the arrangement. The person responsible for paying the funeral account is the one who signs the authorisation for the funeral to be conducted.

All NSW funeral directors and any business that arranges and conducts funerals are bound by NSW Fair Trading and the standards they apply. These standards are available at our office upon request and can also be found at the below links: and more general information is located at