Funeral Cost

Each funeral is different and there are many variables in the eventual cost.  Generally a cremation is cheaper than a burial, depending on what council area you are in – Although some of the smaller country cemteries have lower fees than the larger towns, making costs similar to a cremation. The main components in the cost of a funeral are:

  • Type of coffin or caskets. (price will vary)
  • Funeral director professional fees
  • Burial or Cremation fees
  • Mortuary fees
  • Flowers
  • Advertising
  • Medical fees for doctor, cremation certificates
  • Catering (if required)

If you would like to discuss costs – please contact the office on 0263 60 1199 – we are more than happy to sit down face to face and go through all costs to give you an idea on a total price.

All of our fees are clearly detailed and documented and are discussed and agreed upon with you at the end of the arrangement. The person responsible for paying the funeral account is the one who signs the authorisation for the funeral to be conducted.